Who We Are and Why We Care 

We are an alliance of associations that represent the livestock, meat and poultry industries. Cattle in PlantTogether, our members produce more than 90 percent of U.S. beef, pork, lamb, veal, turkey and chicken. We are proud of the way we care for our animals, our employees and the environment. We are also proud of the nutrition, safety and good taste that our products offer.

U.S. meat and poultry is among the safest, most abundant and most affordable anywhere in the world. We have achieved success through research, technology and plain hard work. Our members are large and small, urban and rural, old-world and modern cutting edge. 

Despite this, the makers of "Food, Inc." and the subjects they interview seek to paint our industries as big, bad and mechanized. They seek to prove their point though a selective use of the facts.

While the makers of "Food, Inc." have the right to state their opinions, consumers and the media have the right to the facts. And that’s what this web site is all about: the other side of the story.


We aim to set the record straight by providing:

• Current data
• Full facts
• Sourced information
• Third party experts with real expertise in their fields